Lost Contact

In sending out recent notifications by email, quite a few bounced. If you have any contact with the following (or if you’re reading this and your name is on the list!), could you please prompt them to make contact through the website to either confirm or update their contact details, should they wish to continue to have contact?

  • Kevin Loughrey (the address that bounced was kevinl@aperfect.copm);
  • Roger Simmons;
  • John Croxson;
  • Chris Bishop;
  • Ian Cleaver;
  • Kevin Moody;
  • Lee Pattinson;
  • Wayne Jameson;
  • Kevin Hindle.


A Couple of Photographs

John and Jacqui Black are currently on a long grey nomad journey around Australia (all in accordance with John’s detailed spreadsheet). The adventures have been shared on Facebook, including this lovely photograph taken in Perth with Peter Coghlan. Looking good, both of them.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 12.43.04 pm

The second photo was sent over by Frank Edwards, who also caught up with the Blacks. We know who is in it, but does anyone know where and when? Judging by the relaxed looks, the hair styles (NOT short back and sides), plus a pre-accident John Barwick, probably early 1970? And is that a beer in Frank’s hand?

1970 - 050

Requiem Mass for Greg Thomas


The Requiem Mass for Greg, in the Duntroon Chapel, was a moving and sad event, but also uplifting in giving thanks for his contribution to so many – indicated by pretty much a full house. His four children – Melissa, Ainslie, Simon and James – all spoke of different aspects of their dad. There was no doubt that he was an influential and formative influence on their lives.


The Class of 1972 was well represented, along with members of RMC classes below and above us. There were also members of his courses at RMCS and ACDSS. A wake in the RMC Golf Club afterwards provided an opportunity to catch up on friends and colleagues, in many cases after a gap of quite a few years, as well as Greg’s father and siblings.

Update – Greg Thomas

Steve Jones has passed on that Greg’s son James has indicated that there will be a wake after the service at the golf club at Duntroon. And as Greg is to be cremated (hence the Requiem Mass in the chapel) there will not be a follow on burial. There may be a ceremony to inter or distribute his ashes in the future but there is no plan as yet and it may well be a family-only event.


A number of members of the Class of 1972 have indicated that they are unable to attend Greg’s Requiem Mass on Friday, but asked that their condolences be passed on. I plan to place a list of these with the Condolences Book (the usual practice). If you are unable to attend and would like to be included on that list (irrespective of other sympathy you might send) please let me know.

Greg Thomas

No news to report yet, but thought I’d share a couple of photos from our early days together.

From an Adelaide local newspaper
Australian Rules – 2nd Eighteen 1970