The site is for all those who formed or were a part of Fourth Class in 1969 or joined that group in Third Class in 1970. Some of us liked it so much we did the five year course. Others preferred to get on with things and took the shorter course through OCS Portsea. Some of us realised that the shouting and stamping was not a good indicator for a military life ahead and went back to civvy street. One of our number, instead of the traditional 4th, 3rd,2nd,1st classes, skipped 3rd class altogether; another even did a 6 year course.

Irrespective of what pathway was taken we have a common bond and this website forms part of the collective memory and contemporary activities of all who wish to be involved.

Under the Roll Book menu is a nominal roll which is maintained as the primary means of contact and you are encouraged to keep your contact details up to date. Some have chosen not to stay in touch and we respect their position. All we ask is that everyone ensures the roll accurately reflects your wishes.

 The Roll Book menu also includes the graduation list of 60 cadets.