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Quarterly Get-together in Sydney

The Sydney crew gathered in Sydney today for our quarterly chat at the class ordained watering hole, Club York. Apart from many others celebrating Paddy’s day it was also the day that John McNamara chose to visit the big smoke. No better reason to get together.This year we welcome the Sydney members of the class…

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Support for Legacy

The following email has been received from Peter Jenke, asking for our support for a very worthy cause which is close to our hearts: Friends, Romans, Countrymen, greetings.  For those of you who may be shocked to hear from me after – in many cases – a significant time, I apologise, but I hope you will…

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How Times Change . . .

Back in the day, many people of our parent’s vintage were very comfortable in their view of the world. The war was over, the country seemed to prospering and there was plenty of technological changes coming out of the USA. Everyone seemed to be getting on with living and raising families. What was very clear…

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