Military Wives

A film in the Mini British Film Festival 2019, which starts tonight, might (emphasis on that word!) be of some interest (I’ve not seen it, so can’t comment). The full program of dates and times is at

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The blurb says that:

The Full Monty director Peter Cattaneo recruits A-listers Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan to lead this inspiring drama about the bravery of the women of war, and the power of the music that saved them.

The life of a military wife can be thankless. Separated from loved ones, their suffering and sacrifice go unnoticed while they live with the dread of a fateful knock on the door. But Kate (Scott Thomas), finds freedom in song and persuades a ragtag group of women on the base to form the Military Wives Choir. Finding their voice together, the misfit choir put two fingers up to stuffy military tradition, anti-war protestors and their own personal differences. As friendships flourish, even the sceptical rebel and rocker Lisa (Horgan), is transformed by the choir’s friendship, humour and courage.

Inspired by a true-life global phenomenon, Military Wivesportrays ordinary women in unbelievably testing circumstances, who find courage in the cathartic power of singing together. The luminous cast belts out pop hits and rock anthems, empowering everyone to overcome their fears together.

Stew Snell Update #2

Hereunder an update from Ross Eastgate received last Sunday. I have been on the road and unable to post earlier.

“Dear Old Mates,

I had a long telecon with Kathy Snell this afternoon.  Kathy is remarkably stoic and together.

Stew’s condition has deteriorated rapidly since his return home.  The nature of the pancreatic cancer is such that his ability to speak is very limited, his bowels are ceasing to function, he can only concentrate for very short periods, and he has hiccups that cannot be controlled and leave him exhausted.  Despite his protests, he is heavily sedated.  The oncologist has advised the children to be around this weekend.  Understandably, the children are keen to have maximum time with Stew and have asked Kathy to refuse any further visitors.

Stew, and his family, is very much aware and appreciative of the concern of his RMC colleagues.  Similar concerns have been evident from his business contacts and his Rotary friends.

I have offered Kathy any assistance I might be able to provide.  She remembers many of us and is comforted by the messages conveyed.

Very sad,


Stew Snell Update #3

Latest from Ross Eastgate:

”News tonight from Perth is Stu is back in St John of God Hospice.

Kathy has asked for no contact from anyone except immediate family.

I understand Skip is sending a message from us all for her to read to him if it is possible.

I suspect it is now a matter of just “wait, out”.


Stew Snell

A further update on Stew Snell – not good news.

Kathy reports that Stewart’s condition has deteriorated rapidly. He is currently receiving palliative care at SJOG Murdoch, she expects him to be ‘discharged home’ with Silver Chain support today or tomorrow.
Stewart will receive no more cancer treatment. The children have been summoned home ASAP.

Unplanned catchup

Unplanned catchup of Blacks and Crans in Armidale, as a result of John & Jacqui having engine problems en route to Tasmania, and T & D heading north at the same time and being about to shift slightly east.FEC3A52D-4BB0-4145-9F6A-D742C01C0870