Stew Snell Podcast

I have now listened to the podcast and it brought back memories of both RMC and Stew – and just what a nice guy he was.

I had problems getting it to open on my desktop computer – the podcast wanted me to download Spotify, and my computer (iMac) didn’t want to!

I had Spotify on an iPad and had no trouble listening to it on that device. There was also a link in the podcast front page to the ABC Four Corners article from 1970 – I watched that too and even recognised some very young faces.

Wanted: More contributions for our website

I’m hoping that all classmates will either follow this website or our Facebook page – preferably at the very least website. But I’d also like to add a plea for you to provide more items for the website.

The aim is to try and have the website as a repository of information from our period at RMC so we are looking for photos, Super 8 movies, memorabilia, documentation etc – anything at all of relevance that can add to the collection. Some of it could end up in the book or whatever evolves – Tony McKenna will deal with that but as a repository, its home should be the website.

If you’ve visited the site lately you’ll have noticed that it has undergone a significant renovation, thanks entirely to John Elphinston who took on the task, and who will continue to update and maintain it. If you have anything at all to contribute can you please send it to Elph and he’ll put it onto the website: send to or to – or to both. For example Duncan and Warwick – your fathers’ Super8s would be great to have. Don’t forget that as we age, stuff that you might now have could become lost forever unless your spouse/partner/children/grandchildren/ hang onto it. And even if they do, if they don’t know what they are looking at, the value in keeping it becomes almost negligible and the likelihood is it gets thrown out.

We’re not overly interested in individual post-RMC stuff mostly because as it becomes more contemporary the volume of material increases and the relevance to our time at RMC becomes less.  Obvious exceptions are catch ups and reunions, or events of great significance that can relate back to our time at RMC.

If you haven’t had a look at the revamped site, please do so. Any feedback, good or bad is welcome. 

Some points:

  • The website has been significantly revamped
  • It’s the primary repository for photos, videos, photos of memorabilia, documents, anecdotes etc for us to share
  • It’s primarily a record of our time at college except for events like reunions and catch ups
  • Send in whatever you have and share it around the group

And finally, let us know what else you want from the website to improve it.

NSW/ACT/VIC Zoom Catchup – 1 September

Peter Martyn organised a zoom catch-up for NSW Classmates – and, hearing of this, the ACT Chapter gatecrashed, followed shortly thereafter by the VIC Chapter! In all, 21 attended – can you name them? A congenial session, with only the occasional technical hitch when several tried to speak at once. Perhaps we need some refreshing on our R/T procedure?

A recording of the session is at this link: not sure how long it stays alive.

DFRDB and Commutation

In the latest edition of the DFWA magazine “Camaraderie” (Second edition 2021, Vol 52 no 2) is an article that explains in simple terms the DFRDB commutation issues. The Editor of the magazine, and as turns out, the author of the article is none other than Les Bienkiewicz (class of 74). Les has not only agreed it’s use but he has also provided and updated version that makes comments on the Senate Hearing result which is as would be expected a BIG FAT NOTHING! Attached are a copy of the magazine article and Les ‘s updated word version. The Senate report is available on

Thanks to Peter Martyn for passing this on, and contacting Les.

Reunion 2022 – Update #3 – The Book

Based on general support for the idea, a 50 Year Reunion book will be produced. Tony McKenna, perhaps forgetting at least one of the lessons from RMC, has volunteered to coordinate the production of the book to celebrate our 50 year mark, with the central planning team taking on the role as editors on the basis that its easier for a committee to justify any changes than an individual!

We will continue to explore the format of the final version: ebook, pdf, print, etc and the costs, if any.

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Many thanks to the individuals and regional groupings that have provided suggestions and advice on the reunion next year. We seem to be mostly in broad agreement, which makes planning and decision making easier. The Canberra planning team met on Wednesday 7 July to start to firm up the program.

There are a few steps still being taken:

  • A letter is being drafted to the COMDT RMC asking for specific support and/or access, viz: a tour of the College, visit to the Australian Army Museum-Duntroon, brief on the College today (all probably Mon 12 Dec); priority seating at the Grad Pde and access to MT at Duntroon House after (Tues 13 Dec).
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Sydney Classmates Lunch – 11 June 2021

As is the ‘tradition’, Sydney-area based classmates and a couple of ring-ins (the Crans and the Gibsons) met at The Orient Hotel at The Rocks last Friday. Food and company were excellent – and so much of a good time was had that everyone forgot to get a group photograph!

But for the record, the following were there: Bob Blue, Trish & David Cran, John & Roseanne Croxson, Steve & Guiliana Despoges, Chris & Sue Gibson, Gerry & Annette Jones, Peter & Annaliese Lawrence, Peter & Sue Martyn, Peter and Gayle McCann, Duncan & Carmel McInnes, Don Muirhead, John and Vivienne Price and Paddy Ryan.

And a reminder: all class members are always welcome.