Changed Menus

Hello Classmates,

Just a note to let you know that we’ve changed some menus around. The underlying aim was to implement password protection on the Class books for the classes of ’69 and ’71 and of course to have it in place for when our own book comes out later in the year.

In an acknowledgment to the past, the menu heading is ‘In the Book!’

We also moved the Roll Book and Snippets under this menu heading and this will be the new home for any other documents that need protection.

The passwords are applicable at the document level, not the menu level so unfortunately you’ll have to put the password in each time you access a restricted item.

Additionally we’ve created a Class List, of everyone who was on our journey at some stage. Yes it is much like the Roll Book but without the contact details. We don’t have everyone’s Company so please let us know if you can fill in any of the gaps.

Not surprisingly ,the new menu item is called Classmates.

And of course you’d be disappointed if I didn’t ask again for photos, and memorabilia. If you have some material and don’t have a scanner, drop me an email and I’ll walk you through how to get the best, free scanner that’s out there.


John Elph

Class of 1971 – Old Mates Gazette

Many thanks to the Class of 1971 for sharing their gazette with us. Its a good read and you can find it under Links on the Bibliography/Links tab on the main menu.

Perhaps its also a reminder to send your contributions for our version, to Tony McKenna if you’ve not already done so. All contributions from all classmates are welcome. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is particularly interested to read what the non graduates did to fill in the last 50 plus years.

Presentation of New Colours by Her Majesty in1970

Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee has seen much celebration and cause for reflection around the world of late. In April 1970 she presented new colours as we paraded for her after much practice and preparation. I thought this memo might be of interest. The copy I have was lying in a pile on the billiard table in the rec room as I recall. See the full size here

You can also see video of the royal visit to Duntroon on the website – go to the Audio/Video menu. If anyone has other bits of memorabilia that they’d like to share, please let me know.

John Elphinston

Class Reunion 2022 Update #4

Dear Classmates,

Where is the year going? Before we know it, our 50th Anniversary will be on us!
We have had some initial ideas, and some suggestions – thank you for those contributions. We will soon need to make firm bookings for at least some of the planned events, and to that end would appreciate your intentions, accepting that circumstances (not least the dreaded COVID) may change.
We will let you know shortly about financial arrangements – but we will soon need to start confirming bookings and pay deposits to ensure that we get what we want, as venues will be tight at that time of year: RMC graduation, ADFA graduation, and University graduations, let alone the Year 12 formals all happen around the same time. 
The proposed program is on the attached table. Could you please indicate which events that you and your partner are likely to attend, by the middle of April, to allow us to factor numbers in.

Tony McKenna has received 17 profiles for the Reunion book to date: there are 83 (hopefully) to come. A reminder that the deadline for submissions is 31 March. And just noting that if we were awarding one point per submission for the Lee Shield the current score is Kapyong 7, Kokoda 7, Gallipoli 3, Alamein 0.

The Planning Team,
Steve, Kym, Warwick & David

Long Lunch

From John McNamara:

Friday 25 June – FNQ / SEQ and Northern Rivers Chapter, A small but very select gathering for classmates and partners at The Port Office Hotel was held on Friday. Bob Shaw was in Brisbane to witness The Lions thrash Geelong and then shouting bottles of red for all comers. Around our table we also had Jon Mander-Jones, Elph and Sandy, Peter and Helen Teys, Maurie and Joan and Marg and I . We shared lots of memories this time with a focus on Dunners Athletics .

Bob , Maurie and Peter ( all past jock strappers )  were comparing themselves to one of Dunners best athletes, Rudy Urgang  and their stories of his attributes capturing the girls attention !!!

Like our Sydney brothers we also forgot to get a photo – Silly Billys!

An Update on Jeff Brock’s Health

From Rick Davies:

As you will read from Brocky’s letter below, he has some health issues. His journey through treatment is not an easy one and I ask two things of my Classmates on his behalf.   Firstly, please exercise a good deal of patience if expecting a reply after emailing him with your thoughts / best wishes as he is not always up to replying.  And secondly, please do not post this message from Jeff or any associated discussion to Facebook, either our Facebook site or more generally.  Best regards – Rick Davies.

Dear Classmates,

Some of you may have heard a whisper recently along the lines that I have
a health issue of some concern, so I thought I had better provide some
clarity around it now if only to allay your concerns from not knowing
anything at all.

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