Callo Update – more good news

Today I received great news from my Oncologist.  Cancer markers have now been normal for 4 weeks and going lower.  Today was my 10th and final treatment to get the Stage 4 colon rectal cancer under control.
The next chemo treatment regime will be for the maintenance of the cancer at or below current levels. No details of this regime as yet because it will be based on my next blood test in two weeks. All I know is that it will mean a shorter infusion time at the clinic (has been 5 hours every fortnight), possibly a longer cycle and not include Oxaliplatin the only drug giving me some minor side affects.  Happy days.

3 thoughts on “Callo Update – more good news

  1. Thanks Kym. All the medical staff are amazed at my progress. To be going on to a maintenance regime of
    chemo/immunotherapy after only 10 rounds of chemo over only 20 weeks is remarkable. This is especially good given my initial blood rests and scans revealing a very poor outlook with six months to live if we did nothing.
    The medical staff have been fantastic and remarkably skilled. However I have been just as encouraged by the unending support of family and friends. The Class of 72 are no small part of this and I hope will be in the future during our fight against this currently incurable disease. My oncologist advises that the treatment regime I have been on was only developed 19 months ago. Previous versions of the regime I was on were not as targeted and had nastier side affects. Who knows what will come along in the future.
    The three big lessons I have leaned out of this are
    1. A positive mind is a huge help equal to or better than your medical team and terminal cancer is a name not a seance.
    2. By opening up to all friends and family about the cancer they are now a part of your team to further motivate your positivity.
    3. Urge your friends and family to take the diagnostic steps to catch cancer early. Blood tests and colonoscopies are essential from 50 years on or earlier. (28 friends and family have taken my advice and now 6 have discovered problems early or just in time)


  2. Callo – great news and very best wishes for equal success with this next round. Hopefully it’ll be a less demanding regime.
    And thanks very much for sharing this with us all.


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