Canberra Catchup at the Kingo

Good turn up for a lunch at the Kingo – Canberra residents plus John McNamara down from Brisbane.

Unfortunately not everyone is in the photo.

Left File, front to back: Dave Urquart, Eric Rigter, Warwick Elliott, Darryl Poole, Paddy Cullinan (behind Darryl – obscured in second photo), John McNamara (obscured in first photo);

Muddle at the back centre (L to R): David Cran, Steve Jones, Chris Gibson, Kym McMillan.

Middle File, front to back: Trish Cran, Debra Jones, Robyn Poole.

Right File, front to back: Sue Gibson, Sharon Cullinan, Marina Houston, Brenda Elliott and hiding behind her in both photos – Bill Houston.

4 thoughts on “Canberra Catchup at the Kingo

  1. Not quite as salubrious surroundings, but thanks to Rod Allan, today Richard Carter and I were allowed onto the set of “Jack Irish”, being filmed at the Docklands Studios (Rod is CEO) here in Melbourne. As most of you will be aware, Richard is not travelling too well at the moment so it was fantastic that Rod was able to accommodate us today as it’s been on Richard’s Bucket List for some time to be able to see just how such programmes are made.
    Thankyou Rod.


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