Hopefully you have all received this message via email and/or Facebook- if not, please contact me so that we can update your details. And apologies for the repitition if you have received it, but I’m trying to make sure we don’t miss anyone inadvertently.

“The traditional date for the RMC Graduation Parade for 2022 would be Tuesday 13 December. Note that this year it was held on Wednesday 2 December, apparently due to COVID, and there were no spectators.Please ‘save the dates’ from Friday 8 December to Wednesday 14 December ahead of the development of a program of events, for which your input will be sought.An interim committee has been formed in Canberra to start planning. Volunteers are requested to form the main committee to take on further detailed planning. The interim committee proposes that three to five representatives should be Canberra based to undertake bookings and arrangements locally, with perhaps a single representative from each region where there are significant numbers of classmates.”

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