A Last Wave from Callo

Last Wave
Callo’s funeral service yesterday (29 December) was an accurate and appropriate farewell to our mate. His two sons beautifully captured the family man that he was, and will continue to be in their and our memories. John Black delivered a fitting and lovely eulogy for a good mate just held it together. I reckon Callo would have been very (unusually) quietly  happy with his send off. As well as what appeared to be a full house at Somerville, many of the class watched the live stream.

2 thoughts on “A Last Wave from Callo

  1. Hi
    Sounds like Callo had a great send off.
    Unable to find the link to the live stream so look forward to receiving the link for the recording.
    Stephen Despoges


  2. Hi Berry

    I watched Callo’s last posting from Saigon. It was a fitting tribute for a very likeable family man.

    I recognised many Classmates who attended but confess I could not recognise all.

    For me, speaking at any event is no issue, other than at a funeral, which is beyond me. In this respect Callo’s two sons and Blackie did brilliantly.

    ‘Mates Forever’ means exactly that.

    All the best for what I hope will be a better New Year for us all.

    Cheers, Jab.


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