Anniversary Book

Below is a note from Tony McKenna asking for your input into the planned book to coincide with our 50th anniversary this year. It won’t work without your responses! An example of the sort of one page we’re asking for is subtended, as is the first outline of the book. Please also feel free to offer suggestions for inclusion into the ‘Our Journey’ section.

“Dear Classmates,

You will be well aware that his year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Graduation of the class of 1972 and we are planning a grand reunion in December. To celebrate the occasion we intend to produce a commemorative book (format yet to be decided) and I have undertaken to co-ordinate its production.

Over the course of our journey we had a total of 114 members pass through the class and we wish to acknowledge every single one of you, no matter how long or short your time with us may have been. As with all reunions, the burning questions will be: what have you done and what are you doing now?

While December may still seem a long way off, there is much to be done so it is now time to seek your contribution in the form of a one-page biography covering the years since leaving RMC . A few points to note:

  • Please provide a Title showing your cadet number, name and the company you belonged to when you left RMC (some of us changed companies along the way).
  • Tell us your story your way. It will be very interesting to hear about what you have done, your family and your interests. I have attached my own story (first draft) to give you the idea.
  • Preferably your bio should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document. Don’t worry about the format. I will standardise them all later.
  • Please include a photograph of yourself during or shortly after RMC and also a recent photo.

Please email your contributions to me at by 31st March to allow plenty of time to chase any classmates who have gone missing and to put everything together.

.Thank you all in advance for your input. I look forward to reading your stories and catching up with you at the reunion.

Mates forever,

Tony McKenna

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