Kevin Hindle Update

Kevin’s daughter Georgia has reported that “…as of yesterday, Dad is no longer responsive or can talk. He can however hear, if people were interested to come by I would want them to understand the circumstances fully as it is very confronting to see him this way.

Thank you for getting in touch, it has been so lovely to hear of everyone’s fond memories of dad.

He actually started a Youtube channel only a couple of months ago and that was when he was at his best and not longer after his diagnosis, he was attempting to fit in as many things as possible into his suddenly shortening time frame. It might bring a laugh or impress some of your cohort if you were interested. It is also the most accurate version of dad I can think of. If you would like to share it or were interested in having a look yourself, the name of his channel is Ukelele Trubadour.”

If you open it up you might think you’ve got to the wrong page – but it is definitely Kevin – as we knew him!

5 thoughts on “Kevin Hindle Update

  1. I did not know he was so unwell and thank you for writing. Please tell him I will be forever grateful for his generous friendship. Peter Boyce


  2. Wow, great to see Kevin doing his thing. Thank you Georgia….he was such a clever, intelligent, and likeable character in Fourth Class. He impressed us all I think with his intelligence, but most of all his sense of humour. Irrepressible. Great memories of a very loved colleague. Thank you again for that and I encourage others to have a listen.


  3. (David, can you kindly pass this message onto Georgia.)

    Georgia, thank you very much for the name of your father’s site. I will look at this now.

    My very best wishes to all of your family at this trying time. I will always hold my very fond memories of your father.

    Chris Jones, Mates FOREVER!


  4. Hi Dave. WAL here. Can you please link me up to Georgia.  Kevin was in my band and we both travelled to Sydney  on leave him to Tamara’s Bd me to Clovelly beach. We were very close. Sent from my Galaxy


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