5 thoughts on “Vale Kevin Hindle

  1. This is such sad news. Can you please let us know where we can send condolences?
    I met up with Kevin in Melbourne many years ago when he was Heading the Innovation Unit at Swinburne. He was kind enough to conduct an interview as input to his research. Kevin was so impressive and dedicated to his work but also maintained the individual and eclectic part of him that we recall from RMC. A sad loss. warm regards John


    • Hello John, I am Kevin’s daughter. David has kindly sent me the link to the website. If you’d like to pass on any condolences or tribute for dad I am collating them for his funeral and a wake that will follow later in the year.

      Dad’s email is professorhindle@gmail.com – I am monitoring it and will continue to do so. So lovely to hear about another part of his life that I never knew much about.

      Warm regards,


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