Reunion 2002 Video

Just to let you know there is a new video of the Duntroon House barbeque courtesy of Rod Allan. It seems there is very little audio/video of the 2002 reunion around, so if I’m wrong, please send it in. It’s a good chance to see how good your filing system is!!

You’ll find the video under the Reunion 2002 tab on the menu.

John Elph

5 thoughts on “Reunion 2002 Video

  1. Hi Guys

    I couldn’t find the 2002 reunion video. However, I did listen with many emotions to Stew Snell’s excellent recording. I didn’t know this was on our site.
    Stew was a fellow Sandgroper. I was quite close to him and knew his wife Kathy from the time he first met her.
    Stew was a very good man. We shared a few interesting times going on AWOL together. Kathy and my girlfriend at that time shared the same house.
    I was one of those who took umbrage about what we went through unnecessarily during 4th Class.
    I took action against the DoD twice and am $60,000 better off as a result. However, it is woefully inadequate compensation for what we endured. I’m not finished with the DoD yet.
    RIP Stewie.
    Cheers, Jab.


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