REUNION Update #12


The current program is attached to this post.

Name Tags

Name tags will be provided for all attendees and partners. Apologies in advance for any typos etc – please let one of the planning team know as soon as possible and it will be replaced. They’ll be handed out on Saturday night – not sure that Friday night would be sensible! 

The Book

The online version of our class book has been posted. The book has mostly (i.e pretty much solely!) been gathered, collated and presented by Tony McKenna. An earlier version has gone to the printer already in order that the hard copy is available in December. Tony has very generously arranged this at no cost to his classmates. On behalf of the class, a huge thank you to Tony.

The online version will be progressively updated and revised, particularly as we access more and better quality photographs.

The book is at this link:

The Planning Team would like to propose that, in light of Tony funding of the print version that we set up a voluntary, anonymous donation arrangement for those who’d like to put something in, with the proceeds to go to a selected charity linked to our service, such as Legacy or Soldier On.

Saturday Drinks

The Saturday night drinks, from 1830 to 2230, will be held in the Restaurant on the 5th Floor. There will be signposting.

There will be grazing platters on arrival, and other platters will be distributed later. GF and vegetarian options have been included.

Drinks are available at own cost at the adjacent bar, and the bar area is also available for spillover.

Memorial Service

The Memorial Service will start at 0930 at Gen Bridges Grave. There is parking for about a dozen vehicles at the grave and more parking off road above and below. There is hard standing parking on the ADFA side but that is likely to be full.

Wet weather plan.  If the weather is inclement or uncertain, we will conduct the memorial service in the Duntroon Memorial Chapel, at the same time.

Sunday Service at RMC Chapel

We have been advised that the Service will start at 1100.

Sunday Lunch at the Yacht Club

Meals/drinks own means with no formal program.  As it is a Sunday, it is likely to be very busy. There is overflow space towards the lake, so suggest locals bring chairs in case. The Yacht Club has a bar and offers a menu of fish, burgers, pizza and salads which can be eaten on their outdoors lawned area with seating.

College Tour and Records

We have provided a list of those who have requested access to their RMC file to the Duntroon Museum staff. They have advised that the process is that the Digitisation Team will source the relevant files and have a list next to the cadet records and those that wish to have a copy simply put their name and address down and the Museum will send a copy. This process has been adopted because they have unfortunately found that they spend a lot of time printing cadet records for classes and then when they leave half of the copies the team makes have been left behind. Print on demand has proven to be a better time and cost-saving option.

The list we have provided is below.

There has been a suggestion that we may be holding memorabilia or documents from our time at RMC that will probably go to the tip once we shuffle off. This has been mentioned this to the Museum manager who would welcome any offerings – their approach is that they’ll take anything that’s offered, even if it cannot be later used, rather than taking the chance on missing out on some gems by being selective. Memorabilia includes documents of any sort.


Anyone who wishes to play golf on Monday after the Tour please advise Steve Jones at or 0438 671 900 by call or text. Partners/Spouses are very welcome.

Monday Night Dinner

The dinner will be in the ground floor ball room to the right of the reception area as you enter the hotel. There will be signposting. We gather at 1830 in the foyer adjacent to the dining area.

There is a seating plan, set in concrete, that will be displayed on the night.

Please do not move to your table until asked to by the MC.

The drinks component of the package runs until 2230 – there is a bar upstairs that will be open for carry-on drinkers after 2230

Wait staff will have trays of drinks ready to go, and drinks are also available at the bar. Note that the drinks package includes beer, wine, sparkling wine and soft drinks: other choices are at own expense from the bar.

Please also confirm any dietary requirements if you haven’t already done so.


The Graduation Parade starts at 0930. Parking is down in the playing fields area and there is a shuttle to the parade ground, so allow time for that to occur before the start of the parade. 

Further information will be provided once received from RMC Protocol. 

A Note of Caution

Like the rest of Australia, Canberra has experienced some weird weather lately. The heavy rain has resulted in a marked deterioration in many roads – so beware. Work is underway to patch these potholes but caution is recommended.

Request to Access Personal Records

620Johnston*Robert Ewen
2719PriceJohn S.W.
  • 620 Robert Ewen Johnston is the father of 2695 Michael Johnston

8 thoughts on “REUNION Update #12

  1. Hi Dave

    Thanks so much to you and the planning team – you have all done a wonderful job.

    Cherylle and I are now coming up on the Sunday morning and will attend the lunch at the yacht club – I would appreciate if you could please bring our name tags with you.

    Kind regards

    Bill and Cherylle


  2. Hi Dave,

    Fran is coeliac so can you include her in the gluten free meal list for Monday night. Thanks, regards Bill Ross

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Thanks for the update, Dave.

    Is there a dress code for the Monday night dinner? I also had noted that it was 7.00 pm for 7.30. I see from the update that it is now 6.30 gathering in the foyer—for 7.00 pm start presumably?

    Just want to get the details right…looking forward to it.

    Regards, Chris


    • Chris, Yes, 6.30 for 7 – pre-dinner drinks. By this stage we’ll all be under command of John McNamara, the MC. Dress is what I’d call semi-formal, which is mainly to give the ladies a heads up. I’ll wear a jacket and tie and dispose of both as soon as possible (noting, of course, that I will be otherwise fully dressed).


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