Memorial Service – zoom link

The test runs at home of the (mobile) zoom has worked, so we’ll have a zoom broadcast of tomorrow morning’s Memorial Service for our deceased classmates.

we can’t guarantee the quality as it will be by using iPhone and iPad but we’ll do our best.

The link is

Meeting ID: 891 5132 1965
Passcode: 218679

Hopefully we’ll also be able to zoom the Monday night dinner.

The Order of Service is attached.

4 thoughts on “Memorial Service – zoom link

  1. Hi Dave

    I finally got in touch today with Bon and Rae Lutman this afternoon.

    The four of us will be coming to the Yacht Club 2moro.

    Is Norm Goldspink able to join any of our celebrations? Hope so – see you very soon.

    Bill and Cherylle Kearney


  2. David Can you watch this at any time or can you only watch it as it happens. What time is the service? and the dinner please Is it the same login for the dinner?


    • Barb, the zoom will be broadcast in real time. The Memorial Service starts at 0930 our time. I can usually record and have it available for later viewing when using my desk top – haven’t tried on an iPhone, so might learn something new! I reckon the four hours of the dinner might be a stretch to record. I will put up a new link for the Monday dinner if all goes tickety boo tomorrow. David


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