It’s a Wrap!


Your Reunion Planning Team met on Wednesday to enjoy a quiet lunch and do a quick wrap-up of the Reunion. Based on the feedback received, it seems that everyone had a great time and enjoyed the weekend, apart from those who decided that a dose of COVID would be a great take-away! We hope everyone fully recovered in time to enjoy a great Christmas! 

We’ve already posted a “thank you” to a number of others who contributed so much to the reunion, but we should follow up with one more: Elph wasn’t able to join us in person (he was on zoom), but despite that, he’s been busy sorting out and posting videos from the weekend on our website – thanks Elph! There are more to come.

So after deciding that, on balance, we’d done a bloody good job, we then determined that we weren’t about to volunteer to do the next one! Fortunately, a usually reliable source (who must remain nameless) has told us that the Kiwis have suggested that they might host another one in Aotearoa in 2027. No details at all at this stage, but start saving your pensions and stand by for details! The last one over there was terrific.

Finally, we should also report that Kym MacMillan’s Caribbean travel plans came to nought. After raising a little over $18,500 for the functions, caps and glasses, and paying bills of around $18,200, we were left with a surplus of $343.50. Clearly not enough to warrant fleeing the country, so that amount has been donated to Legacy and the account closed. A copy of the master spreadsheet is available from Kym if anyone feels the need to call in a professional auditor!

On behalf of the Canberra organising team, we wish you all a very healthy and happy 2023! 


7 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap!

  1. My thanks to you David and the team for all the hard work you put into a very successful 50th reunion. One thing is certain, an event such as this doesn’t just happen. This was my first reunion since graduation and I found it a very pleasant trip down “memory lane”. It was really good and quite moving at times to catch up after such a long time. Thanks again to you all for your efforts Peter Coghlan



  2. Aotearoa? Really Berry? Is woke taking over the world?

    BTW, the Moari people are NOT indigenous to NZ. They originally originated in China of all places. They then went to Taiwan. From there they travelled to Polynesia. Relatively speaking they only arrived in New Zealand a short time before the Brits. But in these days of woke who cares about the facts?

    More importantly, a big thank you to the organising team for doing so much work to make our Reunion such a wonderful and memorable event. On behalf of Huan and myself, thank you all very much. Cheers, Jab.


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