Quarterly Get-together in Sydney

The Sydney crew gathered in Sydney today for our quarterly chat at the class ordained watering hole, Club York. Apart from many others celebrating Paddy’s day it was also the day that John McNamara chose to visit the big smoke. No better reason to get together.
This year we welcome the Sydney members of the class of 68 who reside in NSW.

L to R
Front: Allan,  Duncan, Paddy, Peter
Rear: David Taylor 68, Peter Lawrence 68/69, Gerry, Don, Bert Flynn 68, John Mac, Rowen, Dave, Steve, Peter. Not in photo John (Blue) Gallagher 68

Although it wasn’t intended the wallpaper in the background makes it appear as though we are in a bunker spinning warries.

(Editor’s Note: That would never happen, would it?)

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