DFRDB and Commutation

In the latest edition of the DFWA magazine “Camaraderie” (Second edition 2021, Vol 52 no 2) is an article that explains in simple terms the DFRDB commutation issues. The Editor of the magazine, and as turns out, the author of the article is none other than Les Bienkiewicz (class of 74). Les has not only agreed it’s use but he has also provided and updated version that makes comments on the Senate Hearing result which is as would be expected a BIG FAT NOTHING! Attached are a copy of the magazine article and Les ‘s updated word version. The Senate report is available on www.aph.gov.au

Thanks to Peter Martyn for passing this on, and contacting Les.

ADFRA Update – March 2020

Trust that everyone is staying safe and ‘socially distant’ – but only physically – as we cope with this weird situation.

Latest update from ADFRA:

You may have seen reference made to a ‘DFRDB CDDA Application Form’ on DFRDB Social Media sites.

I have completed an application to test the CDDA Scheme.  My application, which provides an example of the type of information which may be required, is attached or may be viewed here.

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Latest from ADFRA

Two messages on 31 Jan 2020:

  • The Ombudsman’s response to our request for a review of his report is attached.  It can also be viewed by clicking here.

It is as we expected.

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  • Apparently the attachment did not go out with my last email on this subject.  My apologies.  Hopefully I have now solved that.

If anyone is still surprised by the Ombudsman’s report it is worth noting that his investigation was funded by the Department of Defence (DoD).

It is also worth noting that DFRDB benefits are funded by the Defence Budget.  Little wonder DoD is digging in its heels to ensure we don’t get one extra cent.

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DFRDB Scheme Investigation Report -Update

Just received the latest update from the ADF Retirees Association. It’s worth your while to check this organisation out – and its free to join! See https://www.adfra.org


Last week Mr Llew O’Brien MP, the Member for Wide Bay, Queensland, intervened on our behalf and contacted the Ombudsman regarding our Request for Review of Decision in Ombudsman’s Report No. 06/2019.

According to Mr O’Brien, the Ombudsman advised that he was not obligated to review his report under Ombudsman Act 1976, so we assume there will not be a review.

We are therefore approaching the Senate for a fair hearing.

The attachment (click here to view) seeking a Senate Inquiry has been emailed to every Senator.