An Update on Jeff Brock’s Health

From Rick Davies:

As you will read from Brocky’s letter below, he has some health issues. His journey through treatment is not an easy one and I ask two things of my Classmates on his behalf.   Firstly, please exercise a good deal of patience if expecting a reply after emailing him with your thoughts / best wishes as he is not always up to replying.  And secondly, please do not post this message from Jeff or any associated discussion to Facebook, either our Facebook site or more generally.  Best regards – Rick Davies.

Dear Classmates,

Some of you may have heard a whisper recently along the lines that I have
a health issue of some concern, so I thought I had better provide some
clarity around it now if only to allay your concerns from not knowing
anything at all.

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Vale Richard Carter

Very sad news that Richard Carter died yesterday, after a very long and painful cancer.

There is no news yet of any farewell event.

Special thanks to classmates who had made contact with Richard to support and reassure him. This was greatly appreciated by him. A very special mention of Peter Jenke and Rod Allen, who closely supported, reassured and reaffirmed him, making sure that he knew that he was valued and held dear as a member of our Class of 1972. This meant so much to him as he faced increasing and constant pain.

And as a footnote, he always hated his nickname, so lets consign that to the rubbish!

Brisbane Gathering 26th February

A group of the Northern NSW and Southern Queensland Team gathered for the first lunch of the year on 26th February. We had a smaller than normal gathering with a number interstate and a couple with colds. It was our first get together without Callo and we missed his humour and booming contributions and it was wonderful to have Barb with us. The Reunion Email prompted some discussion and it was agreed that we are pleased to see The Canberra Chapter leading the way .
Until next time, Mates forever, John Mc

Larry Park’s Funeral

Message received from Larry’s daughter:

“Hi, it’s Nicole Park. Here are the details for Dad’s funeral:
Thursday, 4th February at 12:30pm
South Chapel
Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Camden Valley Way, Leppington

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, only 36 people are allowed to be seated inside for the service while up to 300 people are allowed to stand outside. There are two large television screens outside with sound to observe the service.

For those who are unable to attend, there is the option to watch Dad’s funeral via video streaming. If you would like the link for this, please send an email to before Thursday.

Also due to the current restrictions, we have been unable to hold an organised function for the wake. Following Dad’s funeral, Mum, Matt, Dan and I will be going to Gledswood Hills Country Club (91 The Hermitage Way, Gledswood Hills) and you are welcome to join us to have lunch and a few drinks to celebrate Dad’s life and remember all of the good times we shared with him.

If anyone would like to speak at Dad’s funeral or provide a reflection for the service, please let me know.”

Mates for ever

Larry Park

Our NSW classmates connect via a WhatsApp group called KLINK RMC 68-72. More very sad news was posted yesterday that Larry Park has been informed by his doctors of cancer in his liver and other parts of his body. No further treatment is possible.

Larry is being supported by classmates from 1968 and 1969 – mates for ever. All our thoughts are with Larry, Janice and family.