Don’t Volunteer!

What’s the first thing you’re told by the old hands in the Army? DON’T VOLUNTEER FOR ANYTHING!!

Well, I have, so herewith this website. If it doesn’t work, it can easily be taken down. But if you have things to offer, we can build this into a record of our time at RMC – and of the many things that our mates have achieved since graduation.

This is at the moment a basic site, but there is potential for development. I’ll be adding a ‘Snippets’ page soon, that will be password protected.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Volunteer!

  1. Well done Dave! Great initiative – or is Trish the brains behind this?
    I’m looking forward to lots of photos being posted!

    What’s the process for getting a password for access to the Roll etc


    • Hi Dave,

      Well done!

      Thanks for telling me about it this morning.

      I think it is a great way to keep in touch.

      Apropos the 2017 reunion, I think Callo asked in an earlier snippets for interested parties to register with Tony McLeod.

      Brenda and I are definite starters if it goes ahead.

      I will let the Loughreys and Smiths know about it.



  2. Dave
    Well done mate. A few questions.
    How do we post stuff especially photos?
    How do we remove inappropriate content or posts from non members?
    How do we get Snippets or do we need it anymore?
    How do we keep an up to date contacts list?
    How do we get Classmates to join without sing them?


    • Anyone who is given a role as ‘Editor’ can post text or photos. I suggest we have just a few of those to act as inputters.
      All comments, such as yours, will need to be approved (by an Administrator I think, before they are posted, so inappropriate stuff shouldn’t get through.
      I reckon snippets is still worthwhile and can be posted regularly. I plan to set up a gmail address for people to respond to: once again, access to that can be by a few inputters for redundancy and continuity purposes (it works for another Organisation I set it up for)
      I think the contacts list would need to go in a protected page – we could set up a new one that is password protected. Once the site is publicized it gives anyone the opportunity to get and keep in touch as much as they wish to.
      This is a work in progress – the site can be developed as ideas come along, and as needed to meet the need


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