eMail from Denis Brennan

I’ve been incommunicado for a while, my hotmail account got overtaken by viruses, Russian trolls etc and so I dropped off the Snippets distribution list about 2 years ago.

However nothing much has changed in the interim, still spending about 3 months a year in 2 week stints in PNG with Niugini Oil Company (for my sins) . The rest of the time I split between Chiangmai and Phuket in Thailand. I spent a month in the UK in May ,wandering around drinking Guinness and looking at all the other elderly tourists.

The reunion in Auckland sounds good so I might actually make an effort to get over there.

Could someone (I presume it’s still Callo) please send me a few back editions of Snippets.

If anyone is foolish enough to venture to PNG or Thailand let me know ,there is always a bed and a cold beer on hand.

2 thoughts on “eMail from Denis Brennan

  1. Welcome back – great to hear you are still alive and kicking. Look forward to seeing you in Auckland Dec 2017.
    Graham Smith (just as old but not admitting it)


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