6 thoughts on “Reunion Update

  1. Helen & Peter Teys will be attending although nothing booked yet. We will likely spend a couple of weeks in NZ (seeing I was born in Auckland, before passing myself off as a Queenslander at RMC).


  2. The Blacks (John and Jacqui) are booked and will be attending the Reunion. We are still planning our before travels but are booked into The Esplanade Hotel from Friday 8th.


  3. Tony
    Barb and I will be attending the reunion. Either before or after we will be taking a 5 day Whanganui River Dories trip down the Whanganui River. Link for this is http://www.whanganuiriverdoriez.co.nz if anyone else is interested. We have no preference for activities on the Sunday.
    Looking forward to catching up with all the Kiwis.


  4. There does not seem to be an effective means of communicating with this new website. I have previously notified our intention to attend the reunion in NZ but we are not on this list. I note that Warwick and Kevin L are also not included. Please add me and Maxine.

    By the way – I only got to hear about the website because Warwick sent me the link. Also recently I met with Bill Kearney down here in Melbourne and he had not heard of it. How many others are on the outer?


    Graham Smith


    • Graham, the website is an attempt to get information out in addition to Snippets, as well of recording the activities etc of the Class – hopefully we’ll include the link in the next Snippets so that it is spread wider. In the meantime, word of mouth is working – to an extent.
      I’d also draw your attention to the message on the reunion page on the website that states: “Tony McLeod is the point of contact at this stage, and will keep this page updated. Please let him know if there`s anything else which you may wish to include. He’ll do more research and post appropriate links so interested people will get a better idea of what each of the activities entails.” Have you made contact with Tony?


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