Podmore Foundation

I’ve taken the liberty of pasting the text of an email from Duncan McInnes below, although you’ve probably already received it directly.

“I do hope this email finds you well and continuing to enjoy life now in your late-60’s !! Best wishes for your year ahead.

Callo, thanks again for use of your email broadcast list.

This year marks the fifth and final year of our Class Bursary with The Podmore Foundation.We are providing our annual Bursary for the five years only; 2013-2017. Almost at the summit now !!

I thank those who have already given generously to our Bursary Fund.

I particularly invite those who have not participated to date. This will be your final opportunity. I encourage you to join with your classmates to strive for better things in our Australian society.

Your help is welcomed to the worthy cause of providing educational opportunities for our Australian Indigenous youth. No better way to show that you mean it –  than to do it!!

Our bursary recipient, Aubrey Faull from the NSW Central Coast, is in Year 12 at St Ignatius College in Sydney this year.  As a young promising student, away from his home, we aim to provide him with the opportunity of our Bursary. 

Please make your contribution for 2017 to our Bursary Fund by 31 March.

Donations are fully tax-deductible.

Please pay your pledged annual donation amount. If you have forgotten that amount, contact me and I will gladly remind you. You may wish to make a one-time donation for effective tax-planning. Tax Receipts are issued promptly by The Podmore Foundation.

Simplest way is via EFT to:

BSB: 803205           (Defence Bank)

Account: 20752413  (The Podmore Foundation Ancillary Fund)

Reference: RMC 72 + your name

or by Cheque made payable to:

The Podmore Foundation Ancillary Fund and mailed to:

    The Treasurer

    The Podmore Foundation

    PO Box 771


More information about The Podmore Foundation at www.podmorefoundation.org.au “

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