I’m starting to compile lists of things our classmates have achieved (not including numbers of grandchildren!)  So far I’ve started on four: Awards, Publications (Chris Clark being ahead by an uncatchable lead), Overseas Operational Service and Representative Sporting Teams and Achievements. I’ll shortly put the drafts (and I stress these are drafts) on a password protected page seeking your inputs/corrections/additions. If you have any suggestions for other lists, please let me know.

One thought on “Achievements

  1. Whilst at first glance this may seem to be a good idea, it may be viewed as divisive. Firstly how do you define achievements; wealth, academic achievement,notoriety, or indeed happiness (whatever that may be defined as). Secondly, there are enough things that divide us in this world and this website should be about bonding and not division. Thirdly, who decides what is noteworthy?
    On balance, I for one don’t support this enhancement. What do others think?

    Graham Smith


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