Sporting Competition with RAN College, Jervis Bay

Geoff Hay has provided the photo below of a sporting visit to Jervis Bay to play against the RAN College. I’ve loaded it into the 1970 Gallery, as there are two identifiable faces from classes other than ours: John Cochrane from the Class of 1971, and Doug Tyers from the Class of 1973.

Can anyone add anymore information, including identifying those in the picture – mainly the ones partly obscured?


From left to right: Merv Jenkins, TC, face obscured (Pat Cullinan?), Geoff Hay, Dave Leyshon, Peter Jenke at rear, in from of him face is obscured but hair looks like Chris Gibson, then Bob Blue, Doug Tyers, Elph, John Cochrane, Pete Maher.

Still open for discussion!

11 thoughts on “Sporting Competition with RAN College, Jervis Bay

  1. Dave,

    Behind TC looks like Pat Cullinan to me. Behind Hay with the beer is Dave Leyshon. Same section as Blue and I in 4th class, I think he may have briefly repeated 4th class in 1970 and then left.



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  2. I think that is Peter Maher to the right looking right, perhaps Mick Roseblade in the jacket behind him.

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