It can Help To Talk

Many of you will be aware that I had radical prostatectomy surgery on 2006 – at the relatively young age of 55 – to remove my prostate due to cancer. I’m not alone: I’m aware of at least three others (off the top of my head) who’ve gone down that path. The outcome for me has been very positive, as my PSA has remained undetectable since, and the usual side effects were short-lived.

I determined to be quite open about my experience in order to help anyone else who was going through the somewhat confronting experience, A friend recently forwarded me the article in the link below, which I think is a pretty accurate description. So, if you get that dreaded diagnosis, please feel free to make contact for a chat. Others who have gone through the experience might also like to join the ‘panel’.

3 thoughts on “It can Help To Talk

  1. Hi Dave – well done. I would be only too happy to join the panel to provide some alternative thoughts following my very successful proton therapy in Korea. In the last nine months my PSA rose from 0,22 to 0.24. It is expected to rise slowly to about 1 over the next 10-15 years. Absolutely no side effects from the treatment.

    Kind regards Bill K

    PS I would appreciate if you could please tell me the password for the website


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