The Eastgate Anecdotes and more

The last two anecdotes (I think!) by Ross Eastgate have been posted. Thanks to Ross for making these available, and to Pete Teys who dug up a couple I was missing.

See them at this link

And this was in the latest edition of The Duntroon Society Newsletter, which you can see in full at this link

Syd Hodges’ Century

Associate Professor Sydney Hodges, Fellow of The Duntroon Society and also the Elder of the Society, celebrated his 100th birthday on 3 February 2018 at a luncheon party hosted by his family at the Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club.

Congratulatory letters from the Queen, the Governor-General and the Prime Minister were read out. The Governor-General’s letter held special personal significance since Staff Cadet Cosgrove (1968) had been a pupil of Syd’s at Duntroon more than 40 years ago.

Syd was in fine shape and addressed the gathering briefly after the lunch. Former RMC cadets Ray (R.A.) Sunderland (1953), Ron (R.S.C.) Morris (1956) and John (J.E.) Bullen (1958) were among the audience of about 40 guests, some of whom had come from overseas. Sadly, Garth (J.G.) Hughes (1956) had died two months earlier or he would have been present too. Garth and Ron had together written the fine article on Syd which was published in Newsletter 2/2015.

Also among the guests was the lively Elaine Bryan, widow of Professor Ridley Bryan. Rid Bryan and Syd Hodges had joined RMC staff in the 1930s and 1940s respectively, serving for several decades as professional colleagues and good friends.


One thought on “The Eastgate Anecdotes and more

  1. Wow, the Toad made it to 100! Fantastic.

    I remember in a first year geography lesson Chris Wallace fell asleep at his desk. He fell out of his chair and upturned his desk, waking up most of the rest of the Toad’s class in the process. And the Toad? He didn’t bat an eyelid or miss a beat. He just continued on as if nothing had happened. Ha ha ha ha….I’ll never forget it.

    I think this incident was equally when Spider Webb was droning on about the Von Thunan’s theory of urban development. Guys kept sneaking out…In the end the class of about 30 ended up with only 10 left. And Spider Webb also never missed a beat.

    Then there was Tsetse Fly in English. I was then back doing my Masters in Language & Literature. I was sitting in on Tsetse’s class of newly arrived 4th Class. Some clone puts up his hand and asks if the nihilist German philosopher, Nietzsche, was a man or a woman, ha ha ha…the mirth of this may be lost on some Engineers, but it was a really funny question. Tsetse merely looked at the clone over his glasses and mutters ‘man’ and continued…ha ha.. Ah, those days…Then was the time I popped into Tsetse’s office and saw him reading my published article on Wilfred Owen, MC, the WW1 poet. For some reason he was in a frenzy to cover this up…ha ha…Maybe he would have actually learned something. Cheers, Jabber.

    PS. I’m in Perth for a few weeks helping my sister look after my 88 year old mum. Still in Vietnam and going strong at I may be expanding out into an English language qualification business soon.


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