A Couple of Photographs

John and Jacqui Black are currently on a long grey nomad journey around Australia (all in accordance with John’s detailed spreadsheet). The adventures have been shared on Facebook, including this lovely photograph taken in Perth with Peter Coghlan. Looking good, both of them.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 12.43.04 pm

The second photo was sent over by Frank Edwards, who also caught up with the Blacks. We know who is in it, but does anyone know where and when? Judging by the relaxed looks, the hair styles (NOT short back and sides), plus a pre-accident John Barwick, probably early 1970? And is that a beer in Frank’s hand?

1970 - 050

One thought on “A Couple of Photographs

  1. The memory isn’t what is was once (perhaps the memory was never any good anyway) but didn’t we go out for a bbq, drinks etc before 100 Days to Go in Sep 69? I have recollections of “the Campbell’s are coming” out at Majura. Could this have been taken then?


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