Update from Lee Pattinson

Ian Callan has just passed on the following update from Lee:

 Classmates, Hi! 

I just realised why I have not heard anything for a fair while, (must be getting old and doddery), and that is because I changed email address after 20 odd years, had to because of the advent of the NBN. 

New email address is general537@bigpond.com 

I have been retired now for 3 years and still live in Deniliquin, still drive cabs Monday and Tuesday every week, along with every second Thursday. 

Play golf (or attempt) 2 days a week, bowls 2 days a week and still involved with the Lodge. For any of the classmates that are interested, I am a member of both the NSW and Victorian Constitutions, hold the rank of PSGW in NSW and am currently a member of the Victorian 2018/19 Grand Ceremonial team as GStdB, and that finishes in May this year. 

Throw in my vegetable garden, looking after grand kids and finding time for a beer, I appear to be busier now than I was when working full time. I guess I’m pretty lucky as Winnie is still working, though I don’t know for how much longer, (need her to keep going to keep me in the manner to which I am accustomed). 

That’s about it I think, 

Cheers to each and all 


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