Roll Book Update

In case anyone following this blog didn’t get Graham Smith’s request for contact detail updates for the Roll Book, his email is hereunder:

As it is 50 years since most of us headed to clink to serve our
sentences, it is time to get the Roll Book in order so I am sending
this email to seek any updates for addresses and phone numbers etc.

I have incorporated some in an interim list but I failed to update Lee
Pattinson’s email but it is on his note on the homepage. Also Tom
Cobley’s address arrived today and will be updated on the next issue.

If I don’t get responses from all the email addresses on the current
list I will try to contact defaulters by phone.  Luckily my mobile
plan includes unlimited calls internationally. You cannot escape easily.

If anyone still doesn’t have access to the webpage please contact
Berry to provide you the details but you can google yourself and get it.

Mates for ever

Graham Smith

Graham’s email is

There have been a few responses, two of which I’ve reproduced with permission below, because they contain a bit more information. Your thoughts on Tony Mckenna’s suggestion would be welcome.

30 January

Hi Graham,

My details are correct.

I have been thinking ahead to our reunion in 2022 and believe we should
produce a momento of our 50 years similar to what Rod Allan did with the
video in 2002 and re-issued on CD in 2012. I am sure I’m not the only one.

My thoughts are along the lines of a booklet or similar with profiles of
all classmates then and now (with photos) and a summary of service,
achievements, decorations/awards and anything else we feel might be relevant
without going overboard or invading privacy.

I would be happy to put together a working group (probably of Victorian
based classmates for convenience) if I can con a couple into getting on
board. We could then spend the next four years collecting and collating data
and putting it all together for publication and distribution at the reunion.
Of course, the class contact list will be vital for this exercise so I’d be
plaguing you for up to date information on a regular basis. 🙂

What do you think?


Tony McKenna

January 28 (originally to Ian Callan)

Hi Ian,

I trust that this finds you and Barb both fit and well.

Here Margo retired on 31 August 2018 and so we have moved to Minnesota, USA, which is her home area.

We bought a lake home seven years ago and we are currently doing some renovations.

While Margo was still working I embarked on writing a third book titled  The British Infantry,which is now about to be published.

So, once again, as with my two previous books, I was planning on sending our classmates a complementary copy.

Therefore, I was wondering if you have compiled an updated RMC CLASS 1972 – MASTER DATA SHEET that is more recent than the 27 July 2016 copy that I have at the moment?

In that regard, I certainly miss your Snippets, which I found indispensable in keeping up with what all our class were achieving with their lives.

In closing, I look forward to all your news.

Best wishes,

One thought on “Roll Book Update

  1. Berry,

    As of 1 Feb I have received 28 responses out of 97 that I sent out.  Thanks to those 27 but come on guys you can do better. Never ever Corps!



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