Subtended is the text of an email from John Elph (with addresses omitted) that you may have received, but just in case….

I hope you don’t mind me sending you another note regarding DFRDB commutation, but If you do, please just let me know and I won’t bother you again and I won’t be offended.

In case you didn’t keep a copy of the info sent to you by DFRDB  ‘back in the day’, I’ve attached a copy of the only bit of paperwork that I held on to. Note that it is completely silent on the amount of time we would take a reduced pension to pay off our commutation.

You may want to use it for replying to the Ombudsman’s questionnaire.

Please also send to as many others who you think may have commuted and encourage them to submit an answer to the questionnaire. From what I have seen there are a few organisations/ well intentioned individuals who are pushing the same barrow but like many things do with ex-military, it does not seem to be well co-ordinated and also perhaps, seems to be split down officer vs OR lines which is a great shame. Seems to me that it is a topic worthy of our attention.



From: Herb
Sent: Tuesday, 21 May 2019 8:57 PM
Subject: Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Inquiry into the administration of the DFRDB scheme

Dear John

The Commonwealth Ombudsman, has decided to commence an investigation into the administration of the DFRDB scheme with respect to commutation.  Please refer to the Ombudsman’s Letter (click to open).

The scope of this investigation is limited to the accuracy of information provided by scheme administrators and relevant departments to DFRDB scheme members, in relation to commutation.

The Ombudsman has provided a Questionnaire (click to open).  I encourage you to complete and email it to DFRDB.investigation@ombudsman.gov.au.

The Ombudsman doesn’t give a time-line but I’ll endeavour to establish what it is.  I suggest you get your submission in sooner rather than later.

The new (or perhaps the same) Minister will undoubtedly pass this off as the Inquiry he announced, making a nonsense of his statement:

“The Government recognises the importance of open and transparent discussion around veteran concerns and we will consult with the ex-service community about the terms of reference for the inquiry, as well as panel membership.”

Kind regards,


DFRDB Retirement Pay Form D20,21 p1

DFRDB Retirement Pay Form D20,21 p2

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