13 thoughts on “Recruiting video

  1. David Loved the video as I had only seen bits before – I wish I had known that Dunners was this exciting and I may have had a better time ! Good for Partners to get some idea of the events we endured – it’s a pity Hodder’s pewter wasn’t full as we didn’t really experience the moment . Thanks for sharing and keeping us all in touch and remembering things and events we have forgotten . Best Wishes, John Mc

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  2. Dear David,

    Thanks for digging this out.

    Haven’t seen this film for a while, and as you can see, I borrowed some of the footage for Days Like This. Gosh it’s a muddled recruiting film and the dour voice overs lack inspiration. I don’t imagine that the recruiting centres were overwhelmed with enquiries after this one was released.

    Little wonder they returned to RMC a few years later to make another one when we were in first class.

    Best, Rod


    • Hi Rod,

      I wonder what is was that prompted us to apply? Probably something like 12 O’Clock High, or The Green Berets – or possibly Hogan’s Heroes! I often think that last one was closest to life at RMC.

      There is one redeeming feature of the clip – it captures some of the life at the College as it was (reasonably truly).




  3. Hi Berry

    Here’s some pics from my RMC book for our class website.

    Cheers Jabber.

    Oh, and please note my new address in Vietnam is:’

    26 Duong No2

    Khu dan cu


    Ho Chi Minh City


    Phone +84 (0) 3903977971

    My address in Oz (I live in both countries about equally these days)

    Riverglades Resort

    Unit 7/ 490 Pinjarra Road

    Furnissdale WA 6209


    Phone +61 (0) 477677853

    All the best and cheers, Jabber

    Chris Jones

    Phone: +61 (0) 477677853 (Australia) + 84 (0) 903977971 (Vietnam)

    Skpe: zip_zipper75

    Email: director.cj75@gmail.com


  4. The brigadier early in the video is Rex Roseblade, Mick’s dad.

    He looked after our 4th class A61 middle floor platoon, of which Mick was a member, excellently.



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