I understand that all serving and past members of the ADF can receive a DVA White Card (renamed as Veteran Card – see this link) which provides for care for some ailments/conditions without needing to apply: cancer and PTSD are in this category.

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A veteran is defined as “(those) who have served in the ADF with one day of Continuous Full-Time Service (CFTS) are eligible to apply for all components of the Covenant including the Veteran Card, lapel pin and oath.” There is an automatic mail out underway for those who hold a White or Gold Card already, but I understand that if you don’t hold either one you do need to apply. Notwithstanding the above, I’m passing on some advice (with thanks) from Ross Eastgate on this matter, and a note on Stew Snell.

“A few of you have mentioned in your responses you are also being treated for various cancers.

Whether you believe you qualify for DVA eligibilty or not, even if you did not graduate, I am reliably advised you can apply for a DVA white card.

This is the fact sheet: https://www.dva.gov.au/factsheet-hsv109-non-liability-health-care

There are contact details in the latter part of the sheet.

Call and ask.

If you are dissatisfied with the result, see a veterans’ advocate.

Past expenses should also be covered, if you have receipts.

We were able to get both Greg Park and Mick Braithwaite covered.

My initial enquiries re Stew Snell this morning have been very positive, and the WA RSL organisation is already moving to assist.”



  1. Just to confirm this advice. I had cancer a few years back (all good now). I submitted a claim to DVA with a letter from my doctor, and had a response from DVA advising acceptance of the condition within a couple of weeks – no further questions asked. My annual blood tests are covered for life, and if I get any form of cancer (even unrelated to my initial problem) I’m covered. I know DVA gets caned for all sorts of good reasons, but on this one, I can’t fault them.


    • Thanks Kym. I stress that for certain conditions DVA does not seek to determine the cause, but will just accept the condition. In my case I had incurred expenses prior to my claim being accepted, and these were reimbursed.


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