Stew Snell Update #2

Hereunder an update from Ross Eastgate received last Sunday. I have been on the road and unable to post earlier.

“Dear Old Mates,

I had a long telecon with Kathy Snell this afternoon.  Kathy is remarkably stoic and together.

Stew’s condition has deteriorated rapidly since his return home.  The nature of the pancreatic cancer is such that his ability to speak is very limited, his bowels are ceasing to function, he can only concentrate for very short periods, and he has hiccups that cannot be controlled and leave him exhausted.  Despite his protests, he is heavily sedated.  The oncologist has advised the children to be around this weekend.  Understandably, the children are keen to have maximum time with Stew and have asked Kathy to refuse any further visitors.

Stew, and his family, is very much aware and appreciative of the concern of his RMC colleagues.  Similar concerns have been evident from his business contacts and his Rotary friends.

I have offered Kathy any assistance I might be able to provide.  She remembers many of us and is comforted by the messages conveyed.

Very sad,


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