Spread the Joy

Just last week one of our Class mates passed through Canberra on a private mission – missing our occasional lunch get together by a couple of hours. He would have arranged to arrive earlier if he’d known we were meeting.

Could I suggest that the coordinators/arrangers of local gatherings advise the Class generally, so that if anyone is passing through or nearby they could attend as well? I’m not sure how it operates outside Canberra (it is apparently in a bubble) but in our case Steve Jones has been our long suffering organiser, which makes at least one locale simple (and I’m usually on the invitee list).

If you are organising something that is appropriate for any member of the Class, please pass it on – either by using the website email – yes, it is monitored – or directly to me at david.cran1950@gmail.com.

And afterwards – please send some photos!

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