Sydney Gathering


Twenty two classmates and partners gathered in Sydney last week for the annual “grad” dinner.
From left to right John Croxson, Rosanne Croxson, Stephen Despoges, Giulana Despoges, Yvonne Goggin, Bernadette Blue (front), Dave Goggin (rear), Bob Blue, Gail McCann (rear), Peter McCann (mid), Larry Park, Janice Park (front), Duncan McInnes, Carmel McInnes, Diedre Muirehead, Judy (Paddy’s partner), Don Muirehead, Sue Martyn, Peter Martyn, Paddy Ryan ….. missing Peter and Anneliese Lawrence.

The Sydney classmates gather four times each year around Easter rec camp, QB, 100 DTG and grad. If you find yourself in Sydney at these or any other time and at a loose end, join us or at least let us know. There is always a group who are happy to have lunch with any out of town classmate(s).

Thanks to Peter Martyn for the update.


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