One thought on “DFRDB at the Ombudsman

  1. Thanks Dave and Rick.
    The Report is definitely interesting, as are the financial impact assessments. Seems we have to live beyond about 92 before it becomes an issue.
    I remember going to a briefing on DFRDB at Keswick Bks in Adelaide (so it would have been when I was in 3RAR in ‘73) but I don’t remember any of details. And I certainly don’t remember whether there was any explanation at all about whether the reduced pension as a result of Commutation was ever to be reinstated after a given period. So I can’t claim to have been misled.
    But I also remember having to brief Cadets at ADFA in 1990 about the change from DFRDB to MSBS. It was pretty obvious that they weren’t in the slightest interested in thinking about pensions and retirement (clearly couldn’t think much beyond Mooseheads next Saturday night.) I’m guessing we were much the same when DFRDB came in.


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