Some bad news from Callo

Callo has asked that the following bad news be passed on. We all wish him, Barb and their family our unequivocal support at this time.

I would like you to let the Class know that sadly I have been diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer. To say that Barb and I are stunned is a huge understatement.
Six months ago I had my usual yearly medical, including a bank of blood tests and poo tests. The results put everything at normal if not better.  Not one hint that anything was wrong.
Last week, after some symptoms of discomfort, a colonoscopy, MRI and CT scans revealed the previously undetected bowel cancer had spread to the liver.  This is an incurable cancer. It was only discovered by a colonoscopy.
Chemo starts next week in fortnightly doses and is designed to shrink the cancers and improve my quality of life.
It is hard to believe only 3 weeks ago we were on holidays with the grandkids in the caravan and this week we receive this news. Rest assured Barb and I remain positive and determined to fight this together.
This note is written not to seek your sympathy but simply to inform you all.
Mates Forever,

4 thoughts on “Some bad news from Callo

  1. Callo,
    Joan and I are saddened to hear this news. We will be in touch separately but wish you well and want you to know we are here to help with any assistance you or Barb may need. Mates Forever


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