How many did you do?

Thanks to Frank Edwards for this little gem from The West Australian. Brings back (not fond) memories, and perhaps a thought that a claim might be worthwhile, given the return! But I guess we were never ordered to do push ups as a punishment: it was for our physical development.

Push ups

4 thoughts on “How many did you do?

  1. Dear All

    I didn’t do it for my physical development, rather to entertain 3-4 twisted individuals who gave me and Dave Buchannan an ongoing “punishment” as part of bastardisation – I believe Buck and I set an unbeaten record for EDs in 4th class.

    Kind regards to all

    Bill K


  2. I take you back to a few reunions ago when we visited Point Hut. I suggested we should take a class action for compensation for the BS we copped during the Bastardization year. I don’t know about some of you, but I had better things to do with my life aged 17 then endure that unnecessary bullying and abuse. I received little support. Well, I went ahead regardless and am now $50,000 richer as a result. (This is the top award under the capped rate for compensation.) I may be only an ‘Artist’, but mum didn’t raise a fool or a passive victim. Cheers Jab


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