Reunion 2022 – Just under 3 years away!

It is early, but perhaps it is a good time to think ahead.

Bill Houston has passed on access to the book the Class of 1969 produced to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. It is very large, almost 80 Mb, so it is located in Dropbox. I have been able to access, with a Dropbox account. The link is Class of 1969 Book

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 5.51.45 pm

So, have a look, and please post any observations. This is not a call for any remarks about the members of the Class of 1969 (most of whom, actually, I recall fairly fondly) either how they were at the time or how they look now!

Any offers to volunteer to help to produce one for our Class would be welcome.

2 thoughts on “Reunion 2022 – Just under 3 years away!

  1. Thanks David. We had a brief discussion about 12 months ago on this very subject. I’m happy to throw my hat into the ring to assist. It would be fantastic to collate updates on all our mates 50 years on. cheers, Tones.


  2. Thanks, Berry. I agree the Class of 1969 was an excellent class. It was almost a pity we had to beat their butts at 100 Days to Go. And here’s to the memory of John Walker. Sadly this is in contrast to the Class of 1970, which comprised so many total losers in my humble opinion. Cheers, Jab.


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