Still marching in step – – Norm Goldspink

Thanks to Rick Davies for passing on this snippet, via Colin Green, but I’m not sure where it originated:

A few of us (Les Bienk, Bill Spencer, Tim McKenna, Pete Leahy and me) had coffee with Norm this morning. He’s 93 and a little bowed but otherwise in fine form and clarity of memory.  Lois is not good and is immobile due to recent injuries.  Norm seemed to appreciate our conversation ranging far and wide not just 1971.  I showed him the before and after video from the 45th anniversary and an abbreviated Grad74 movie concentrating on 71-74 and the 25th anniversary that he attended.

Can you pass this news onto the class with best wishes from Norm.


Norm Goldspink 25 Feb 2020

2 thoughts on “Still marching in step – – Norm Goldspink

  1. Probably came from Bill Blair. I spoke to him a few days ago and he said he was going to be having coffee with Norm.
    Perhaps the Canberra team could take him out to lunch next time we gather. Bill has given me his contact number in the nursing home where Norm and his wife are living.


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