Casey – 1969

Eric Rigter has emailed that “Like many of you, I have been going through my “stuff”  during this period of enforced isolation.
Attached is a copy of a photograph from the Canberra News dated Dec 10, 1969.  I think that the three “senior cadets” (sic) are Dave Cran, Don Muirhead and Frank Edwards – but I’m probably wrong.
I must admit that I can’t even remember this!”
Eric, I can’t remember it either – possibly because we’d already been out to dinner!
1969 12 09 - Grad

5 thoughts on “Casey – 1969

  1. Old timers has hit me; I have no memory of this
    Enobesra springs to mind (arsebone backwards) but cannot recall context
    Fun reading/seeing old snippets
    Best wishes to all especially non- Queenslanders who are in the older at-risk bracket😀


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