Vale Daryl Patch

Sad news just in from Bill Houston, via Garry Downs, of the death of Daryl Patch from the class of 1969. His wife Maureen was an Army Nurse, who died in 2018.  From that Class, he follows, in order:

  • John Wheeler (SVN)
  • Noel Trevor
  • John Marane

(I’m adding a little personal note here, as I was looked after by Maureen at RMC Medical Centre during my ARes service. She was delightful – and forthright – and we talked of Daryl – another of the Class of 1969 who was, to me, a good guy. For a little more on Maureen, see

2 thoughts on “Vale Daryl Patch

  1. From Denzil Bourne, Daryl had many respiratory problems plus lymphoma cancer. He went into hospital recently with pneumonia. Cheers, Geoff.

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