Queensland Get-together

On Friday 14 August a class lunch was held at the Grand View Hotel at Cleveland by the Bay in Queensland.  Attendees, (mostly with wives), included regulars John Black, Ian Callan, Rick Davies, John Elph, John McNamara and Peter Teys.  Earlier classmates John Price and Jon Mander-Jones who love to stay in touch with the class also attended.  A pleasant surprise was the attendance of normal Young, NSW residents Chris and Sue Gibson.  The Gibbo’s regularly escape to the Sunshine Coast for mid-winter and this time beat the Covid border closure.  Apologies from regulars Phil Newman and Maurie who had prior engagements.  Kev Loughrey from northern NSW initially accepted, but piked out due the 2 week quarantine requirement.  The weather was a typical Qld winter day of 24 degrees and of course a good time was had by all. As the afternoon wore on, the temperature dropped to 23 degrees and a couple of the ladies reached for their cardigans.  Gibbo was heard to mutter something about Qlders tolerance of the cold.  Good to see Callo who is going through Chemo, and it must be serious because he didn’t have a beer in his hand.  Mac pushes these lunches and mumbled something about next time in November.  If the borders are open (or you can sneak through) please get in touch.  These get-togethers reinforce how important your old mates are.

Peter Teys

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