Callo Update

Received from Barb yesterday
Last week Ian had a little speed bump in his recovery.  He had severe pain in his chest and once admitted to hospital he had a CT scan to determine the problem. It was a blood clot in the lung.  The Doctors upped the strength of his his blood thinning medication and blood pressure medication.  Unfortunately this resulted in severe bleeding so a partial colonoscopy was given to find the problem area.  It was the primary tumour.  After settling this down he left hospital after 5 days.
The full medical suite of specialists then discussed the way forward.
What was decided was to miss one round of chemo, replace it with a 5 day regime of intensive radiotherapy on the primary cancer. Radiation treatment will commence on Monday
This will shrink the tumour and hopefully eliminate future bleeding as well as prepare it for removal in 5-6 weeks.  In the intermediate time chemo will be continued, medications continued. This will result in the oncologist being able to concentrate on treating the liver.
During discussions with the Radiation Oncologist today he remarked on the remarkable shrinkage of the primary and secondary cancers.  So still good news on that front.
Ian and I now feel even more confident that the good results will keep on coming.
Thanks for your continuing support and contact.  They mean a lot to Ian and to me.

PS our house is now on the market for our move to Vantage apartments in November.

and a follow up from Ian today:

The Vantage apartments are being built and expected completion is late Oct with move in date of mid November. The best place to find the development is to Google Vantage Gold Coast and go to the website.  Our apartment is a G type on the 8th floor.


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