A small Brisbane catchup

A lovely, easy catchup with a few Brisbane based classmates and wives as we passed through Brisbane. Possiby we were not well organised – should have firstly given more notice, and secondly arranged to be in the Gold Coast to catch up with others – but that’s what happens when you don’t have an itinerary or a schedule (ie no organisation!). We’ll do better next time.

One thought on “A small Brisbane catchup

  1. Looking good.

    I’m still in Da Lat in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Life is very good here.

    I will return to the big smoke in Saigon for a couple of weeks on Wednesday, then back to the eco resort. A new local bar has just opened in Da Lat called, believe it or not, ‘The Down Under’. (One has to descent to enter so I guess that’s appropriate.) The poor bar owner, Peter, from Victoria, opened only a month before the virus struck. Da Lat is very much a tourist town so he’s struggling to stay afloat.

    There is hardly a Westerner in Da Lat these days. It’s allowed my Vietnamese to improve from appalling to merely very bad. A 6 tone language is a bugger for a nonlinguist like me.

    Who won’t be happy to see the end of this virus, but it’s not going away soon I fear. Cheers. Jabber.


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