Callo Update

Wow what a great two days in my treatment.  Yesterday at 6.30 am I checked into Pindara Private Hospital here on the Gold Coast.  After registration etc I was in a Star Wars like operating theatre with 2 Surgeons, an anaesthetist and 7 technicians plus nurses.  My SIRT procedure had begun. This day was day 2 following  a full dress rehearsal a fortnight earlier.  This dress rehearsal discovered and blocked leaks in my liver and placed stents in the hepatic artery pathway to allow better/easier access. All this to ensure the beads lodged only in the liver tumours.  It also mapped out the plan for lodging beads in the tumours via the artery. 
Just Google ‘SIRT’ for full details of the procedure.  It places millions of radioactive beads directly in the tumours in my liver via a tube inserted in my groin.  This is only possible because nearly all tumours grow in the blood flow of the hepatic artery.  
4.5 hours later I returned to the ward to lay flat on my back for 4 hours with regular groin inspections and blood pressure checks.  After a good night’s sleep and discharge from hospital I was off to a Gamma Ray Camera scan to make sure the beads were in the right place.  They were and the Surgeon was very pleased.  So was I.  
Now for the rough bit.  In about 48 hours they advise I will experience extreme tiredness for about 2 weeks.  I have had no nausea or pain and the Surgeon says they are now unlikely being 24 hours since treatment. In short I am extremely confident of the future.  
Full strength Chemo starts again in a fortnight after effectively a 5 week break for the SIRT procedure. I will have now blood tests fortnightly to monitor progress with a scan at 8 weeks to see the actual shrinkage achieved. The full affects of SIRT will be evident in 2-3 months. I am super confident of a very good outcome.  
Regards to you all and many thanks to the many of you who have contacted me over this rollercoaster journey.  Your calls and visits are much appreciated I can assure you and give me a huge boost.  Mates forever. Callo

2 thoughts on “Callo Update

  1. Callo,
    Best wishes from Brenda and Me. Give our love to Barb, we are thinking of you and looking forward to catching up in person soon.
    Warwick & Brenda


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