email from the Duntroon Society

Good Evening,

I hope this email finds you well in what has been a tough year for many members of the Society―as it has been for many Australians.

The Society’s second Newsletter of the year is now available. This edition starts with a recollection of Spanish Flu at Duntroon a century ago and at p. 21 the CO of RMC-D, LtCol Rob Ryan reports on the College’s response to COVID-19.  Al Murray (1982) writes of Mess Life 1979-1982 (p.2); Sue Morton (daughter of the CO CSC  1959-1962) provides a kid’s perspective  of life at Duntroon (p.6); Bruce Bond (RMC 1962) recalls Shaggy Ridge (p. 9); and Peter Neuhaus (RMC 1975) reports on the efforts of the Adelaide Branch of the Society to remediate the impact of the bushfires on Kangaroo Island (p. 20).

This issue also acknowledges the passing of Hal Oxley (RMC 1937) at the age of 103, and two remarkable women, Di Lobb (WRAAC OCS 1952) and June Healy (WRAAC OCS 1960), a Fellow of the Society.

The Society has recently had a pure silk RMC tie made by Dege & Skinner of Savile Row. The first order of 100 ties sold out quickly. Now restocked, you can buy one on-line for $75.     

Please consider sharing this email with class mates and like minded friends. 

If you would like to contribute an article for the next edition,  please let me know.

Chris Appleton

2 thoughts on “email from the Duntroon Society

  1. David, hi again. I notice in the Newsletter the passing of Col Peter Blyth. Were you aware of that because I wasn’t. I was quite fond of him and recall that when he (as Director) was visiting me in the States, I wrote to him as Col Peter Blythe. He ever so politely let me know that it wasn’t a good career move to misspell the Director’s name. I think he enjoyed his visit and we ended up getting on very well. Cheers PJ

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    • Yes, I was aware. Paul Asbury has for years been a sort of post box for these sort of messages, to a group address list. Would you like to be added to it? COL Peter was Director when I was posted to DMOVT-A 1978-81. He was a lovely man and very supportive. You’ll recall he was on the RODC: and I understand that afterwards got into lots of trouble for claiming, publicly, that RACT officers weren’t getting a fair deal because they were being reported on, within the Corps at least, realistically while some other Corps were skewing the Bell curve. Not popular and possibly one reason he didn’t make star rank.


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