Canberra Lunch Catchup – 30 November

email from Kym McMillan:

Hi guys,

I was able to escape Canberra last week and coincided a visit to Queensland with the Qld Classmates lunch on the Gold Coast. A great day, and it got me thinking it was about time we also got together again here in Canberra. John McNamara said he’d be in town later this month, so that gave me a target date. Plus it would also be a pre-Xmas gathering.

I therefore propose that we meet for lunch on Monday 30 Nov. John Mc suggested a nostalgia return to the Kingo, and I’ve just confirmed with them that they can take a group that day. So that’s the deal – the Kingo at 12.30 on the 30th! The Kingo is still offering the ‘cook your own steak’ deal, or the usual pub menu of pastas, salads, burgers etc.

Hope you can join us, so please let me know. I need to confirm numbers the week before.

All the best,


PS – if you can think of anyone I’ve missed, or any other visitors we might have, please pass on the details and let me know.

Kym MacMillan

M:  0418 295511

Now the challenge: can anyone from Canberra match the Brisbane crew and go the extra mile to stay on into dinner?

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