Long Lunch

From John McNamara:

Friday 25 June – FNQ / SEQ and Northern Rivers Chapter, A small but very select gathering for classmates and partners at The Port Office Hotel was held on Friday. Bob Shaw was in Brisbane to witness The Lions thrash Geelong and then shouting bottles of red for all comers. Around our table we also had Jon Mander-Jones, Elph and Sandy, Peter and Helen Teys, Maurie and Joan and Marg and I . We shared lots of memories this time with a focus on Dunners Athletics .

Bob , Maurie and Peter ( all past jock strappers )  were comparing themselves to one of Dunners best athletes, Rudy Urgang  and their stories of his attributes capturing the girls attention !!!

Like our Sydney brothers we also forgot to get a photo – Silly Billys!

2 thoughts on “Long Lunch

  1. G’Day All,
    Sorry but it’s a little far to travel for lunch. Trying to stay well here in New Braunfels, TX.
    I thought you might like this from my trip to the Marlboro Ranch (yes, I still smoke) two years ago to the day.
    An Aussie on a Cattle Drive. I won the 4 day trip for my wife and I and had a ball. I’d love to go back because it is definitely warmer at this time of year in Texas.
    Regards to all and hope to make our 50th next year.

    Bill Greenham


  2. Great lunch. Thanks Mac and to Elph for posting. I left town before the lockdown so appreciate you following up with this. I should have edited Urgang to Irgang if my memory is right


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